Erdös Number

Thanks to Haim, my Erdös number is at most 3. Here is one route that connects me to Erdös:

Erdös, P. and Specker, E. P. (1961). On a theorem in the theory of relations and a solution of a problem of Knaster. Colloquium Mathematicae, 8:19–21.

Gaifman, H. and Specker, E. P. (1964). Isomorphism types of trees. Proceedings of the American Mathematical Society, 15(1):1–7.

Gaifman, H. and Liu, Y. (2015). Context-dependent utilities: a solution to the problem of constant acts in Savage. In van der Hoek, W., Holliday, W. H., and Wang, W. F., (ed.), Logic, Rationality, and Interaction, LNCS 9394, pages 90–101. Springer.

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