Erdös Number

Thanks to Haim, my Erdös number is at most 3! Here is one route that connects me to Erdös:

Erdös, P. and E. P. Specker (1961). On a theorem in the theory of relations and a solution of a problem of Knaster. Colloquium Mathematicae, 8:19–21.

Gaifman, H. and E. P. Specker (1964). Isomorphism types of trees. Proceedings of the American Mathematical Society, 15(1):1–7.

Gaifman, H. and Y. Liu (2015). Context-dependent Utilities. In van der Hoek, W., W. H. Holliday, and W. F. Wang (ed.), Logic, Rationality, and Interaction, LNCS 9394, pages 90–101. Springer.

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